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Rushville Museum’s Log Post Office gets new shingles

Becca, Ryan, and Zak Wellnitz volunteered to help Jerry Wellnitz  shingle Rushville Museum’s  Log  Post Office. After shingling most of the first half, Jerry got the antique shingling machine used by Walter E. Blum from 1924 to 1940 to see if it still worked. 

Kerry Retzloff  donated the right size of shingle nails for the shingling machine, and by the time they were done with the second half of the roof they had a system worked out. Becca laying the shingles out, Ryan starting the nails with the shingling machine, and Zak driving the nails in.  The Wellnitz kids said the only thing worse than putting wood shingles on is tearing the old suckers off.

Sheridan County Historical Society