Hay Springs Heritage Center 1 and 2

Center 1 is located at 2nd and Main, and Center 2 is located on North Baker Street in Hay Springs, N…

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Scott's Yoke

In the spring of 1884, a group of 104 men, women and children headed west from Sullivan, Indiana with the hopes and dreams of starting a new community in a place called Antelope Valley (present day Gordon). Among the group was a 38-year-old father of 4 named William Clark Scott. His plan was to establish a homestead and then return to Sullivan and accompany his family to Nebraska. During his return trip, he brought his family and belongings by train to Valentine and then trekked across the sand hills by covered wagon. The Scott family recently donated the very oxen yoke used by the William Scott family in 1885. The yoke is now on display at the Scamahorn Museum.

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